N5.5 uses significant more CPU than C5.5!?

I just opened a current mix-project which I started in Cubase 5.5.

In C5.5 I am at about 55% CPU

In N5.5 I am now at about 70-75%!!!

I set up N5.5 from scratch, not using any prefs from older versions or cubase. Did I miss a setting?


Not here… Maybe you were using Cubase 32 bit and now you are trying to load your project into Nuendo 64 bit?

No - both (still) 32bit!

No - I absolutely dislike C6 :wink:

Well, it is mainly processing power of a certain plugin. Maybe it is more an issue of that plugin: Slatedigital FX-G

My fullblown mix with about 150 tracks/groups is on my i7 system about 25%… switching FX-G on increases the performance shown on the Asio-Meter to about 55% in C5.5 - and in Nuendo to about 75%.