N5 64-bit for Mac

hello all !
i was the last 4 weeks in holliday so i didnt know really whats going on here on N5 forum just i guessed that a new version of Nuendo is released the N5.5 cool things just installed on my system well the first start comes "it says an error N5.5 must be restarted or shut down " dont know why ???
but it still 32-bit !!! i remember someone here i think his name Timo or something was talking about the 64-bit for Mac am i right ? if not i just wanted to know when is the release of the 64-bit
hope somebody will help me to know more :slight_smile:
thank you

If you want to run NUENDO 5.5 as 64-bit app you should go to application, select NUENDO 5.5, get info, uncheck field run as 32-bit. NUENDO will work in 64-bit mode. But keep in mind there are some problems: a lot of plug-ins does not work (waves 8 for sure) or displayed in a weird way.

ok i got it, we will see whats this bring on :slight_smile: