N5 and second video screen for Foly/ADR

Hi All,

I am trying to set up the control room and studio room for some Foley and ADR.
What I want is to have two video windows, one that I can see in the control room
and one for the actors and artists to view in the studio at the same time.

I had purchased a Black Magic Intensity Shuttle in hopes of using it to send HDMI
signal to the studio. I had problems with the unit and sent it back. However, I
discovered in the process that Nuendo will only let me select one video device
in “Devices/Video/Video Player” options.

So my question is how do I get two video windows to happen simultaneously?
(one for the engineer and one for the talent)

How do you foley/ADR engineers out there accomplish this?

Chip Borton

By using a VGA/Video splitter!?

How do you foley/ADR engineers out there accomplish this?

The easiest solution is to use TV screens (PC input) for that, using VGA splitters.
We use external video machines, mostly old workstations which would get dumped anyway.
There are a few cheap and effective solutions like Chaingang and MTC Video Slave (Website temporarely down). The advantage is that you never have to worry about the video and the video performance. MTC Video Slave even has a count-in feature, which makes it really handy for ADR and Foley.

When it comes to ADR and Foreign Language Dubbing, we use a specific tool for that: Synchronos.


I our little facility we have a camera feeding the main LCD TV with Foley/ADR room.
We use PiP (picture in picture) on a LG TV.
So input AV1 comes from Nuendo/Intensity card, input AV2 from the live room.
We also use a TV splitter to send the Nuendo signal to the ADR room.

Not a top level solution but it does work for us


I use a HDMI Splitter. Works fine here.

in each room we run 3 displays off the mac (mixer | project | soundminer/plugins) then use either a decklink extreme card (studio2) or intensity card (studio1). video out from the decklinks go to a kramer video amp then to a large lcd tv for the engineer, the same for clients and a smaller lcd tv in the vo booth.

as long as you make sure the display latency of each tv is very close (we use syncheck for this) it works flawlessly.

This is how I do it too, into TV’s and all out of a blackmagic intensity pro.



And if you can cope with just SD signals, you can use the HDMI out of the Intensity pro for your screen, and the analog component out of the same card for the talent screen.

If you’d like to stay using the OpenGL video from Nuendo (graphics screen) you also there use a DVI/HDMI splitter to double up your screen to the talent.


Thanks everyone for the replies, that helps a lot.