N5 last official update

Now that N6 has been announced, is there going to be a final “official” update for N5?
I haven’t installed 5.5.5. I never install unsupported releases.

Good question! I did install the update and have not noticed any particular change in behavior. I’d like to know if there will be further changes to N5.5.5, thanks.

Hi Mark, I guess we have our answer. :cry:

I guess we do. My system is working well after installing N5.5.5 and I just wondered whether there would be a “supported” version that I would need to install.

Once the dust settles after the launch of N6 and the initial issues have been resolved, I plan to upgrade and any N5 concerns will become history for me anyway.

I have to say, after all these years I am getting a little bit tired of upgrading in order to fix issues that should have worked fine in the first place. I don’t think I will upgrade at all.

However sad reality is…
you won’t find a DAW that works 100% flawless in all features when released.
Compared to what I’ve seen through the years Nuendo is rather well behaving.
As long as they keep fixing and developing… it is annoying, but no real show
stopper for me.
Having learned, I will wait a while befor I install Nuendo 6, too.
Gives me time to check it out on a secondary system.

Big K

Nuendo 5.5 is extremely solid.
One of the best versions we have ever had.


I was hoping for a better reply from SB

yes one of the few daw that even can’t get something so simple like a metronome right…

I don’t seem to understand what the problem is.
Your initial question is to have the 5.5 update “certified/supported” by Steinberg.
The only difference between a supported version and an unsupported version is that a unsupported version hasn’t been passed through QA. Which means that this version possibly can have undocumented bugs.
The time this unoffcial update is out, and has been used by users, is worth about a thousand passes through QA.
What I mean is that the status of 5.5 has long time surpassed the “unsupported” status it had upon it’s release.

Unless I misunderstood the question …


Fredo said it all…
This version is rock solid, here, too.
What SB should do is to officially call it supported, what it surely already is.
That would make it official and could prefent confusion.

Big K

This, Fredo, is what I meant with my question. But maybe I didn’t express myself well.
Is there going to be a final “supported” update for N5.5 that fixes at least some of the main issues reported in this forum?
For example, OMF still isn’t 100% right. Metronome, AAF, project cleaning etc.

AFAIK, there will be no more 5.x updates.