N5: Linked MIDI editors?

Are the MIDI editors linked in Nuendo 5 + NEK? It’s so annoying to me that I can’t get multi-staff score to lock with the list editor in Nuendo 4 so my selections follow in both. I might as well ask: is it possible in Cubase 6?

Logic has been able to do this like forever, but there’s too much else that I don’t like to go there.


Do you have File -> Preferences -> Editing -> Link Editors checked?

Of course. And to answer my own question, I downloaded the Cubase 6 trial and it appears to be no better, with Linked Editors checked as well. Frankly, I’m surprised. I’m trying to see if there isn’t something I’m overlooking.

It’s very strange that I can’t find ANY reference to “Link Editors” in any of the Nuendo 4 or Cubase 6 documentation. Do the N5 docs mention it?

Can you explain what you’re trying to do? I tested with the score window, key editor, and list editor open. A selection of a note in one edit window would select the same event in the other windows too.

I appreciate your taking the time likelystory. I select a group of tracks forming a string arrangement and open them in the score editor. I can now select each note, add/delete/copy/paste within each staff or across staffs. I then open either the key editor or the list editor and I’d like either of these to jump to whatever note I select in order to edit length and velocity.

But a selected note doesn’t appear in the viewable area of either list or key editors unless they’re in the general area of the cursor but it won’t bring that note into the viewable area unless you bring the cursor to that position in time.
I want the list and key editors to just jump to that note and bring it into the viewable area of each. This is what Logic does. The selection isn’t very useful if it can’t immediately be seen.

I’ve also noticed that sometimes a note simply doesn’t get selected in the key or list editors, but that’s probably just N4. In N5, do the key and list editors jump to any selected note and make that note visible if outside of the current view and position? They don’t in C6.

I must admit I rarely use the score editor so I’m not too much help on that front. Make sure you have autoscroll enabled in your editor windows though and it should jump to the selection.

Yep, Autoscroll is enabled on both the Score and the List/Key editors. It seems that I can’t get the editors to chase the position based on the note selection, so the workaround is to select a time position to reposition the editors to a position near the note to be edited, and then select the note. That’s the only way to do it currently.

So, Feature Request: chase cursor position on note selection in the score editor, the opposite of “Auto Select Events under Cursor”, i.e.: “Auto Position Cursor to Selected Event”. Or does this already exist?

Actually, if both the Autoscroll and and “Autoscroll-disable-while-editing” are disabled, this could be the default behavior of all MIDI editors: what other purpose would be served by them if not to see details of a selected MIDI item?