N5 not creating "Edits" folder"

My Audio Process and Plugins don’t do anything when I try to render a clip. Support suggested deleting the App Data folder. That didn’t work (lucky I made a backup). Now I noticed that N5 is not creating an "edits folder when I create a new project. I manually created an Edits folder and restarted, but no luck.

My N4 projects work just fine.

I need help, quick! Anyone?


Hi! Nuendo will created Edits folder after the first offline processing.

Can you be more specific by “offline processing”? Is it the “Audio Process and Plugins” as I said, or something else? If they are the same than it is a chicken and egg problem because N5 is not allowing me to do offline processing.

Offline processing is audio processes and plugins… I can’t imagine why it refuses to work. Do you have that problem with any project? On different hard drives?

Fixed thanks to tech support. I re installed on the C: drive and am loving N5

Even though they say you can install N5 on a drive other than your c: drive it may screw things up.