N5 OSX lion coremidi won't initialise

Im a longtime nuendo user on pc but have just bought a macbook pro osx lion…Ive installed n5 but it won’t load the
core midi. Ive reinstalled several times trashed prefs etc…Ive searched this forum and the internet but have found no solutions…bBeing a mac newbie I’m a bit stumped to where to go next.
At the moment the only hardware device i have installed is a mbox micro…PT9 is working fine.
Any help much appreciated
cheers antaudio

reboot the mac. i very occasionally get a coremidi issue and it’s nearly always fixed by rebooting. if not, disconnect the mbox and try again.

check the audio midi setup app to see if it flags up any issues.

if this doesn’t fix it try reinstalling n5.

Hi Max thanks for replying
I tried various combinations and stumbled upon one that works…
1.Make sure your mbox is connected
2. boot up mac
3. open audio midi setup…Midi server
4. launch nuendo…
If you fail to open AMS /midi server before launching n5 …I get the failure to initalise coremidi.

This is what is working for me… your mileage may vary
cheers nevo

I’ll get banned/ticked off for this:

Yet another Lion screw up.