N6.5.3 + FabFilter plugs, automation...

Hey all -

Coming across a less than ideal situation with my FabFilter plugs and N6.5.3’s automation, though I think I remember this happening a version back also.

Two different bypass options - bypass the plug with Nuendo’s bypass button, or bypass the processing in the plug with FabFilter’s bypass which is small and tiny and at the bottom of the screen, and in the case of the EQ2 bundled together with some other options, hidden until you roll your mouse cursor over this.

Initially tried automating the bypass on the plug (slot?), that renders the plug unusable and no audio passes. Changed over and used the plug’s bypass, and works great.

Problem is I have two lanes of automation titled “FabFilter EQ2 Bypass”, one for the slot, one for the plug, and no distinction between the two.

I’ll just get rid of the right one, but it would be great to work this out so that there’s not an option to bypass the slot. Also happens on Pro-MB, DS, etc. Thanks.

This was also a problem in previous versions of Speakerphone, where it lead to all sorts of strange behaviour. (The two bypass buttons were “Bypass” and “bypass” in Nuendo’s automation system.
I think this must be fixed on Fabfilter’s side with a host specific solution.