N6.5 Crash when loading two Projects.

I understand from the user manual that it is possible to have more than one project loaded at the same time.

So, I loaded the first project and it was working with no problems.

I then wanted to have a look at how another project was set up, so I loaded a second project but did not activate it. No problem so far, but then I attempted to ‘Activate’ the second project - at this point the ‘A Serious Error has occurred…’ message appeared and the system had to be completely shut down.

The second project no longer functions, even if loaded on its own in N6.5.

I did not de-activate the first project before trying to activate the second project (I assumed, maybe wrongly, that activating the second project would automatically de-activate the first project), so there may be a little bug in this area.

I have restored a backup of the second project and it does work properly when loaded on its own, so this would indicate that something in the process described above caused the project to get damaged.

I normally never use the facility to load more than one project at the same time as I had similar issues with it years ago, but I thought that by now any problems in that area would have been fixed.

Granted our systems are different but I use this function regularly to copy channels or audio between sessions, it’s always been very stable for me. John

I can only think of running out of resources.
Know that both projects are loaded at the same time. So every thread, every request, from a plugin towards memory or CPU is not released by the host. So you are actually “consuming” the amount of power that is needed for running both projects at the same time.

Just guessing…


You may be correct.

Silly question, but what will give me more resources - more Ram, faster CPU, faster drives?

I think my system is pretty good, but I have had it for 4+ years.

The simple answer is “Yes”. :slight_smile:

RAM and CPU would sort of be like apples and oranges and equally important in their own way. Top out on either of them and things go south. HD speed can be a little less critical, depending on what you’re loading per project and from where. That being said, an SSD will rock your world.

For what it’s worth, with my specs, I’ve never had trouble with multiple projects-- and have run some pretty big ones. Would think that you, being on PC, would be running even happier.

But so much depends on your specific plugins and VSTis.


Thanks for the info Chewy.

One of the current projects has 8 guitar tracks, each using an instance of POD Farm 2 and one or two UAD plugs.

There is also a Trillion track and a couple for NI B4II instances.

That does not seem like too much to me, but perhaps I should bounce the guitar tracks with their effects and unload the plugins.

I read somewhere that SSD drives have a limited life span - is that something to worry about?

Absolutely not, as far as I’m concerned. They do ultimately wear out, apparently, but it’s a function of read/writes and under normal use is better than a conventional HDD. Check out Tom’s Hardware dot com-- excellent coverage, up-to-date, on the topic.

I have had no problems whatsoever in the nearly three years I’ve been using my SSDs. Am getting ready to get some more as boot, sample and project drives. It sounds cliché, and you see it a lot on the various websites-- but my experience leads me to agree: an SSD as a boot drive is the single most significant upgrade I’ve ever made in my computer. So much faster.

We all back up, anyway, right? But again, I have had zero problems with my SSDs. I’d recommend them to everybody.


I avoid having multiple projects open in the same time… usually it works but I had too much issues in the past - so I just avoid it. For example usually it can kill a mixer layout…

Yeah - that’s where I am too.

and it seems to me that it can have to do with plugins/licences… I had errors in the past with waves when accidentally opening projects in Nuendo and Cubase at the same time… usually this is not a problem… But had errors… This is stuff which is usually not possible to repro - sometimes “stuff” happens, sometimes all is well… so - as I said - I just avoid it… transfering data / setting using track-archives or save channel settings to file etc…