N6.5 Installation woes

N6.5 Trial version has lost all of my Control Room settings, all of my External Effects settings, all of my Group Effects settings, all of my External Instrument settings, all my Midi Device definitions and most of my Plugin Paths.

Is this supposed to happen?

Is there a way to copy all these settings from the functioning N6 folder?

Have i missed something fundamental here?

The update installed itself in its own n6.5 folder - would it have been better to install it in to the n6 folder, on top of the n6 trial version?

If Nuendo was a brand new project I would not expect it to guess settings, but after having it for many years, surely an update could get most settings from the previously installed version!

After many hours, I’ve re-setup all of my connection and midi device definitions and settings, but now N6.5 will no longer load!

It gets to the point where it is just about to open and display the default project, but then a message appears stating that “Nuendo 6 has stopped Working”.

I’ve closed the entire system down and rebooted several times, but always get the same error message.

I am definitely running N6.5 Trial version - despite the fact that the error message reads “Nuendo-6” :open_mouth:

N5.5.6 and N6.0.7 launch with no problems.

Any ideas?

Did you update the elicenser?


Yes, I believe so, otherwise I assume I would not have been able to authorise the update or run it in the first place.

The Hub?

The first thing I did when n6.5 first launched was turn off the Hub - who needs or wants that?!

You need it if you will use the “Remove from Recent” list feature. Why they have not implemented this on the File Menu is beyond me :confused:

OK, friendly as I know how, here is my comment on this, having now spent a day with 6.5.

I immediately turned off Hub in prefs, because…

There is now a “Steinberg Hub” Menu item on the far right of the Menu line. Which you can Hide/Deactivate in Prefs>Configuration if you so desire. So if you REALLY hate it, you can disappear it!

From that Steinberg Hub Menu, you can select Open Hub, which pops open immediately. Your Recent Projects list is displayed as if you had used Recent Projects from the File Menu. It takes no more time, and is no more trouble to delete from the Recent Projects list this way than if it had been added to the other menu.

The way I see it, this implementation causes no downside and creates greater flexibility for various user’s tastes. I think it’s well thought out.

Overall, 6.5 seems very good to me. A couple of things I will likely ask for/suggest, but only after I spend a few more days to see how it wears over time.

Well done SB!

I know (from C7.5 as well). Not a major issue, and I should have used this :wink: , in the end of my last post :slight_smile:

I have installed the Nuendo 6.5 Trial as we speak. See you in a couple of days :smiley:

It’s good.

Unfortunately, the Hub issue is rather hijacking this thread. I don’t think it is relevant to my problem. :smiley:

Yes. Sorry about that.

  1. Did 6.5 crash before all the settings you made?
  2. Are you familiar with the Link in the Steinberg folder in the Start Menu that takes you to the Nuendo Data Folder? Most (all?) of the settings live in there.
  3. If you feel technically confident, open that folder and make a copy to another drive. You will see that most of the settings you mentioned are pretty clearly labeled. Most are XML files, which you can click on and look at. Make no changes to those files while they are opened. Just a way to see what’s up behind the scenes. I found it informative.
  4. Repeat…I would save that folder to not lose your work.
  5. If it was me, I would completely remove and then reinstall 6.5 fresh.
  6. Then, using the Start Menu links, I would open the Data folders for both 6 and 6.5. I would copy the relevant files for the settings you mention FROM the N6 folder TO the N6.5 folder, launching 6.5 and checking progress as you go.
  7. That should copy all your current settings from 6 to 6.5. In theory, you could copy the whole folder over.
  8. Not sure why it didn’t happen automatically. Could have something to do with Trial vs Full versions, I suppose.
  9. You can always copy your recently made 6.5 folder back over, but since it doesn’t work…maybe not.

    In any event, depending on your disposition, it’s an exercise in learning about what goes on behind the scenes in Nuendo. I have ended up accomplishing some customizations using these folders and their contents.

Good luck. Hope this helps and makes up for the hijacking!

Many thanks. That is great info. I will try it in the morning and let you know how it goes.

Hi Getalife2,

Your advice worked.

I just had to copy the External Plugin and some Script files from the N6 Data folder to the N6.5 folder and the program was then able to launch fully.

Many thanks.

It is a little odd that I did not have the same issue when going from N5.5.6 to N6, so something unknown must have changed.

Cool - I am now complelely Hub-less.

Not a single of the defaults of the previous versions was imported… :unamused:
Neither from 5.5 nor the 6 trial.

Glad to hear that. Just consider it a bonding experience with your DAW!