N6.5 Stalls out when trying to open Windows Explorer

So we take our track of Mixes…
Tell N6.5 to export AES-31 .adl file…
N6.5 locks up for at least 1 minute while the system is trying to open the “Windows Explorer” window to show you where the new .adl file was saved to.

Why ??? What is causing the communication delay.

We do not have this problem with N6.0 that is installed on the same Computer.

Any ideas ???


Probably an "old "path that the application wants to access.


You may have to explain that in further detail.
I am not sure how to interpret your advise.


Say you have -in this project- had a file, or saved a file to a share or disc which is not “connected” anymore to the system.
Upon opening the project, or upon opening the “save as/to” dialog box, the application is going to try to connect to the previous location. (Open any export audio mixdown box, and the path will be the last used)
If that path doesn’t exist anymore, the OS will first try to find and connect to that path.
Only after a (long timeout) you will get the message “could not connect …” or something of that kind.


Especially if it’s a network connection the timeout can be long.

I see your points.

90% if the time I record Vocals to a project on our “B” system and then copy the project to our
“A” system where we clean it up and mix it. So if the WHOLE project is copied to a new drive, and it opened from that new location, and a LOT of work is done to the project in the new location and saved in the new location, then when I export an AES31 file (to the new location) and it takes a long time, then what is the explanation?

With Windows-7 I have clicked on a drive’s icon and seen it spend a few minutes re-scanning the drive (for no reason that I can see). Perhaps this is the issue (only the scan is happening in a way that we cannot see it) ???

Still, we have not experienced this in N6.0 only in N6.5