N6 and Houston Controller

Anyone else out there feel as though the Houston Controller is a great controller and should have a driver written for W8?

If not, does anyone have a Houston Controller in good condition they would like to sell? Mine is worn out.

Hi Jo,

We have a Houston we would possibly sell.
But let me ask first if this thing is going to work in the future.


I have a Houston that I still use. It works beautifully under Windows 7 64 bits. Drivers ? Use the midi in/out. The usb drivers have never been great anyway. Lost connections, impossibility to launch the controller while Nuendo is already running…

Houston running under C7.5 and N6.0.7 on Mac with Mavericks via USB. All is working OK here.

I have a boxed Houston in my attic if you’re interested, I can post worldwide.

As stated, as long as you use a midi interface supported by your OS the Houston works fine.