N6 and Multi-Touch Displays

What’s the word on N6 and Multi-Touch Displays now that Windows 8 is upon us.


In my personal opinion, new Mix Console is prepared for touch screens. You can resize it, and all objects could be very large.

I guess what I’m asking is will N6 be compatible and fully functional with the new muti-point touchscreens that will be coming out in mass in the next year? Does Steinberg need to do anything to N6 or will it just operate as expected with W8 and the relevant screen?
Combining a really good touchscreen and faders (MC Mix/Control, etc) will be absolutely incredible.

In my opinion, it’s not possible to make any other thinks, Steinberg doesn’t need to prepare any other functions, or somethink, like this.

I tried to use iPad as second screen (monitor) of my computer (by using relevant iOS app). And I was able to use multi-touch, and control more faders in real time in the Nuendo5/Cubase 6 too. But these faders were very small. Now, if you can resize it, it will be perfect, and it will be prepared for this type of work.

So, it will work, as expected with Windows 8, I guess. There is no reason, why it shouldn’t.

Thanks Martin, I’m looking forward to this.