N6 breaks Powercore?

Anybody using TC Powercore dsp plugins in Nuendo 6?

I’ve been getting all sorts of breakages, from non-functional UIs in the plugin to distorted processing. Switching between 32- and 64-bit mode doesn’t help.

Worked fine in 5.54.

I downloaded the latest (orphaned) drivers from TC; made no difference. The TC control panel says the hardware is fine. Powercore plugins continue to work in other VST audio software on my system.

If you’ve got it working in N6, please let me know.

I´m using Powercore Plug-ins with jBridge in Nuendo 6. They just work fine so far. I´m on Windows 7!


Powercore with jbridge work great. You’ll need to tweak some of the default jbridge settings to get the powercore sidechain to work properly.


I’m on Mac OS, so I will try the current of jBridgeMac (in Beta).
If it works, it’s well worth the registration fee.

I’ll report results here, in case others are scanning the forum for a Mac solution.

I haven’t yet updated to Nu6, but I can use my PoCo firewire plugins flawless in Cubase7/64b with VEP plugin audioserver. Is more expensive although more reliable than JBridge. My experience with JBridge has not been good, I’m not able to install mac beta version properly in my mac computer