N6 Connections Presets

For some reason I can’t save my toolbar presets or vst connections presets. For example, I use an RME UCX audio interface and setup all the inputs, outputs and control room connections in the Vst Connections window. I’ve saved the connections or “routings” as presets. Quite Nuendo. Open it later and my control room output is no longer connected in addition to none of my presets exists.

I already tried reinstalling the application with clean preferences so I’m puzzled. Is this a bug, is anyone else having problems with storing vst connections presets?

So are the vst connections presets working for everyone else here?

It seems something is wrong as I have to manually assign the Control Room outputs and reselect my toolbar preferences for the arrange and mix windows for each and every session I open.

I’ve already trashed preferences and relaunched to get the clean prefs built again and then manually created all my preferences a 2nd time. But its happening again.

Also, may be unrelated but I get a crash every time I quit Nuendo 6.0.3. I’ve never had this issue either.

Almost ready to roll back to N5.5 as I can’t waste more work time getting this system stabilized.

Thanks for any and all help!

I would suggest trying 6.0.2 maybe. Seems 6.0.3 is suffering from a few STUPID problems.

Perhaps your crash-on-quit has something to do with it though.

Or perhaps you haven’t set proper write permissions to required folders???..

Thanks for replying Lydiot.

I’ve repaired permissions and I’m the only user on the system, but I’ll double check my library folder is set with the proper permissions.

Ok I checked preferences.

N6 is acting very strange and I’ve done 2 complete fresh intsalls now.

VST connections don’t save. Not the inputs, outputs or control room settings.

Also, everytime I try to export an audio mixdown I have to manually set all the settings. I need to exports lots of short files, often. This is a complete workflow killer.

Are these known bugs in 6.0.3?
Timo can you chime in hear at all? These issues are pretty much stopping me in my tracks from using N6 and I’m trying to figure out if they are just my system or bugs in the code.


Not Timo, just another end user - but I am having no trouble at all with this. One of the first things I always do on installing new versions (be they full installs or patches) is to move all the prefs from Users/username/roaming/appdata/steinberg/Cubendo x to prevent the new install from using older versions to build it’s prefs. Then I will set everything up from scratch - seems to solve most issues.

If I had your issue the first thing I would try is trashing the prefs completely, remove (temporarily) the prefs folders for earlier versions & rebuild those suckers. Once this is done you can then put the old version prefs back again & all should be clean - often, porting prefs from older versions will cause issues for some reason.

My “second” computer is a 17" MacBook Pro with similar specs.

I am having no problem on it–all of my prefs have saved without issue.

On the other hand, when I first got this laptop off of eBay (wish they hadn’t stopped making 17 inchers!), and I deleted the original user account, system permissions were deeply screwed, and I had a lot of behavior as you describe. That involved permissions, saving in general, writing to the audio folder… all kinds of stuff.

The answer for me was to globally reset system permissions. If you’re feeling brave you can do it command line-style in the Terminal. There’s lots of Google info on how to do that. I was not enthusiastic about that adventure.

Or (and this is what I did), you can use a program like the free BatChmod (search for it-- easy to find) to quickly and elegantly get your permissions back to where they ought to be.

This is not the same as repairing permissions.

Maybe worth a try?


Hey Thanks for the suggestion Chewy.

I have used disc utility to repair permissions but as you say that may not be enough. Trouble is this is a corporate owned machine and while I’ve asked IT to do as little to it as possible they are very protective of their IP and so they definitely have some processes running that I can’t change.

I fear I may “brick” this machine by attempting to adjust any low level permissions or account settings. That happened to me at a previous Development studio where I setup a Nuendo 5.5 system and it required wiping the drive and a complete install as the IT system thought someone was trying to hack the computer.

So at this point I’m using Reaper and Pro Tools because- well they work and Nuendo 6 is not as I described. I may wait to see if 6.0.4 helps at all but that means I’ve got $2k software sitting idle for a fix that may or may not work.

Thanks again for replying though Chewy- I appreciate your time and effort offering up some help.

No problem, Chris…

And I understand your reluctance to “go deep” with the privileges. I was fully prepared to have to start all over from scratch, myself, so I had nothing to lose. And in fact, I did mess up a little the first time I changed the settings, but not to the point that it couldn’t all be reset.

And… I don’t have an IT department to 'splain things to.

Good luck. Sorry we couldn’t figure it all out!