Firstly - great update. Having only few issues here and there, will share as I come across.

One thing I noticed immediately -

When working on my MC Pro, I’ll often use the left edit wheel to roll fades in/out on regions during playback. Noticing now that if I start a fade during playback with the scroll wheel pb stops and cursor moves to position of fade edge I’m rolling. This does not happen if I make the fade traditionally with the mouse and region edges pb continues as I would expect. I don’t think I’m missing a pref but I’d appreciate any guidance.

I believe there is a new version of the MC software. I will install and report back.

Hi all -

I’ve downloaded and installed Eucon 2.7 Mac for Workstation and MC, and have verified that using the jog wheel to fade in/fade (or in some cases clip gain/move/slip) also moves the cursor, stopping playback in Nuendo 6. This is identical to the behavior Nuendo 6 exhibited with Eucon 2.6.2 yesterday.

This is a major part of my editing workflow. I’d love to see a fix for this.

I don’t think I’m missing anything, but I’ll take any suggestions. Something in transport?

Hi Phonetical,
this should be fixed in the next update. An new EuCon Adapter version
will be integrated and be part of the Nuendo 6.0.3 update. cheers, Tino

Please see my thread Tino.

Does anybody know how to copy the individual EuCon settings from N5 to N6.
All my programmed soft keys are gone. :cry:

@Tino - excellent. Appreciate the heads up, and am looking forward to it. Great update for my workflow in post!

I noticed that the zoom feature with the MC Transport jog wheel is slow and not very responsive. It was much better with version 5.5.