N6 feedback

So I’ve been getting to know N6 (just updated to 6.03 this weekend) over the past 2 weeks and worked on a full project over the past few days and thought I’d share my impressions.

The good:
I LOVE that I’m finally able to hide tracks via folder on the mixer; that alone warrants the upgrade.
I like the new color assignments
I like the full Screen Mixer window

The bad:
So many bugs…
When trying to set Solo Defeat I have to do it on the Mixer, I can’t do it anymore on the Project view
Converting from Stereo to Dual Mono only works sometimes (have not found a pattern here yet) when it doesn’t work it doesn’t do anything.
I used to love the Ctrl mouse ball combo to select track colors, that’s gone now
The Mixer…where to start, way too much like pro tools…why??? Oh WHY???
When in full screen on monitor 2 (started on monitor 2 in normal mode) and then going back to normal mode the window moves to monitor 1, very annoying.
When in full screen mode everything else disappears, I would like to be able to still have Always on top windows be on top here (not sure if that is doable)
When opening mixer 2 or 3 you can’t properly set the size, the channel names won’t show no matter how I size it. I have no Zoom on the Channel Faders, only rack zoom and if I move it too much the channels are gone…Mixer 1 does not share this annoyance.
Sends are still not moveable to a different slot (should act like inserts)…after all these years.
I have to right-click to view a send. That is so annoying. Again Inserts and Sends should act the same.
Turning on/off inserts/effects needs too much clicking and it’s not clear when they are on or off. Again, why copy Pro Tools???) It used to be perfect.
Why can I not re-order output channels? Why can I not assign channel colors to output or input channels?
Routing…why are these so huge? Even setting it to the smallest size makes it huge, same with panning.
Why can’t I remove the tool bar all together on mixer windows when I just simply want to see the mixer?

Overall I get very frustrated when using the new Mixer. I went back after to N5.5 to compare and immediately felt more comfortable because it wasn’t as cluttered I was able to see everything I wanted.
I know part of it is simply getting used to it, but so would be moving to Pro Tools…and so the question comes up why stay on Nuendo if the things I so loved have been taken away?

Then I look back at the Project window and that I love (except for the mentioned solo defeat bug)
I also LOVE the new ADR functionality, but I am not doing enough Post to warrant that…but it’s cool.

In closing: Steinberg, please re-valuate the new Mixer, it’s too busy, moves around too much and has lots of redraw bugs. Oh and when I only have the faders and maximize the window, the faders grow completely out of proportion.


In closing, I don’t post much on here but I have been a Steinberg user since the first version on Cubase many years ago and switched to Nuendo with version 1 therefore my feedback should count for something…


thanks for your feedback. Though I cannot comment one every issue mentioned, I can assure you that
our main focus for the next Nuendo maintenance updates is on solving issues and program behaviour
related to the new mixing console, such as “always on top”, “re-sizing”, “colour scheme”, “appearance”,
next to others.


Thanks Timo.

Looking forward to the Maintenance update