N6 intermittently drops out of record

Hello all,
N6 has done it to me twice now… I don’t trust it for live recording anymore & have gone back to N5.5.5.

Running MacBook Pro MountainLion with RME FF800.
This is a TV kids show recorded with edits & post on the fly by chasing timecode from a digibeta.

I used it yesterday for the rehearsal & towards the end of the show, there was a slight pop. When I looked up, the waveform had stopped drawing & I was left with the blocks. Monitoring passed through as if it was still recording so I thought it had stopped drawing graphics. When I hit stop, the new “blocks” were on the timeline but I couldn’t move them & there was no audio.
It was the end of a long day so I put it down to a glitch.

This morning, halfway through seg 1 & same thing happened. Fortunately the back up was fine so I dumped it back in from the backup & changed back to N5.

Interestingly, I have a second system being used interstate on another kids game show but running on W7 & it seems fine…

Any ideas where to look please ???

If anyone is interested,
It seems to be actually a Tascam X48 hanging off the Word clock sync out of the console which caused my problems.
N5 also dropped out of record a couple of times yesterday but went straight into record again leaving a slight hole… (messy… but fixable)

I still have a day of recording to go so I’m not game to re try N6 until I’ve had some time to investigate further…
to that end I’m staying with N5 until I have a day to spare faffing about at home with word clock options etc.

I’ll report back…


well, the latest version has done that to me a few times recently also. an unacceptable failure…

Are you sure the problems are intermittent and not regular? Most times when I’ve had DAWs jump out of record “unexpectedly” the problem was either a bad cable or drop/non-drop issues, i.e. always timecode. The latter would be a regular drop-out.


We use N5.5 for now but we do a lot of multitrack recordings chasing code, a few things to look at -

First, why would an X-48 cause problems with Nuendo? You don’t need to answer that but if one affects the other perhaps there is another way to do it so they’re not interactive? We always run backups and the only thing they have in common is the desk and the Madi DA.

Second, if the machine dropped out of record then dropped back in it could be a code chase issue. When recording chasing code we ALWAYS set Nuendo to Jam Sync. That way the recording starts out in time and if everything is set up correctly it stays in time, but IF there is a code issue or a cable problem at least you have a recording. Better to have a recording at the wrong time than no recording.
Note that Jam Sync in Nuendo works as it’s supposed to unlike in PT - in Nuendo when you engage Sync it locks to incoming code. If Jam Sync is selected then Nuendo ignores all code changes after that, which is great because Nuendo is locked to your clock which is locked to the video system so no drift. In PT with Jam Sync engaged, when code goes away then comes back which will happen with a code time change by the operator or a bad cable, PT will attempt to relock. This will continue record if it’s the correct code but if someone changed the code PT will drop out of record. Therefore Nuendo’s Jam Sync functions as it’s supposed to.

Good luck,

& further more…

The other system in Melbourne running on W7 also dropped out of record for no apparent reason twice on Friday.
It now looks like other people are also experiencing these infrequent drop outs…

My issues were resolved when I went back to N5.5.
Because of the way I work Hugh, I can’t Jam sync. We constantly stop & start for edits so I have to be able to lock to changes.
Timecode is not my source of problems. (for once :slight_smile:
It seems the X48 is not entirely happy when locked to word clock & using lightpipes for ins & outs.
As opposed to the old trusty Mackie SDR.
I ran the system for 9 hours solid on Friday with the X48 locked to ADAT… go figure !!!

I had it happen to me yesterday … i thought i was crazy trying to explain it … just an empty block but it did record 1 min before it decided to jump out of record … going to download 5.5 and try …