N6 problem importing OMF

Hi there,

i have several OMFs here, all very simple, only 3 tracks, 2 minutes long, all come from FinalCut.
I can import some, but not all. Some produce the error message “could not read omf file”.
I can open them on my video editing system (mac) with audition with no problems.
What could that be? Any ideas?

Best, Oli

Are they OMF2.0 or OMF1.0?
Try using OmF2.0 for your OMF files.

Good luck


They are all omf2.

Yes. OMF (and AAF) is a wide and fast changing planet. I rarely found out why one export is working, the other not. But often there is workarounds. If you have any other Nuendo versions installed, try this. It can happen that an old Nuendo version will do what the newest one is not. If you can do an other export from this video system of yours, try. Or perhaps you have a ProTools System around (not that I would say that this is the better tool, but sometimes it did a job that Nuendo didn’t)…

Good luck

FinalCut Pro X can’t export OMFs, you have to use 3rd party software. I’ve never had luck importing from those OMFs. FCP6 and 7 have worked fine for me in all versions of Nuendo so far.

One problem I run in to with exports from Avid systems is audio associated with Canon 5D video. Maybe this is related?

OMFs are as old as dirt now, so I’m not sure how they would handle the newer video formats and timecodes. Maybe the project is at an exotic time code?

I found out it was the file name! Strange. Letter “Ü” was the problem, changed it to “U” and could open the OMF.
Thanks for your help