N6 Screen Size

What exactly is the screen size/resolution this shot was taken from?

That also was my first thought when I saw this mixer-screenshot!

I wonder how much of the new mixer I can show on my 1050p-displays…

Every screen has an optimal resolution where the with of lines and letters eg are ONE pixel.
This free resizing concept is plain stupid and makes for dimmed/unclear lines and letters.
This is a step backwards imho. Looks more unclear and less sharp.

Doesn’t that depend on whether or not the fonts and icons scale?

I’m sure there’s no scaling of the control elements.
It’s just the question, how many elements of the mixer you can see.

Right now the mixer fits very well on my screen, and I have all the different (extended) mixer views controlled via MCU. A perfect workflow for me. I hope I can continue that…

I guess you’re right…but won’t straight lines be dimmed unless it multiplies with the exact pixel number?
I have terrible experience with using monitors which are not set to their optimal resolution.
Isn’t that what happens if you introduce “free” resizing? I like the idea, but not if it clutters visibility.
The “higres” screenshot from Nuendo 6 don’t look as sharp as my mixer in Nuendo 5.
To be frank: I never saw the need for another mixer.
I only want more/clearer insert/sends view…in the ARRANGE window.
More useful for me with hide/show channels in the ARRANGE window…I never understood the urge and need for this MIXER window…and I’m 47 years old :blush:
Why not make it all visible in the ARRANGE window? I find myself pressing F3 to much just for viewing insert/sends levels and routing. To be able to see more insert/sends across multiple tracks (like PT) in the ARRANGE window would have negated the need for a dedicated mixer widow completely for me. There’s still a lot of space available at the left side of my screen.
I’ve spent most of my life in the beautiful Cubase ARRANGE window, starting when Protools/SD2 was a two-track recorder and Logic was list of numbers flying down the screen!
I don’t want to spend time to open and navigate an archaic window that resembles a MIXER!
Well…perhaps it’s the Nashville/Cubase connection…no mixer - no country music :smiley:
I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Unless it would be a 30" Retina display. I’m sure we’ll eventually be seeing larger screens with extreme high resolutions that will allow for resizing without loss of clarity.

So no one actually knows? It looks bigger than 30" 2560x1600… is it?

Perhaps this shoot come from a big display per DSLR cam and then processed in Photoshop, therefore a little bit blur?