N6.x vs C7.x

does anybody have a complete list of differences?
I mean only the core functionality, not extra plugins or sfx libraries.

the ones I’m aware of are:

  • more elaborate automation
  • advanced crossfade editor
  • ADR taker
  • loudness tools

with the upcoming changes in Cubase 7.5 (playlists and track visibility management),
I’m not sure anymore, why wait another year for Nuendo to catch up.

Some things in Nuendo I can’t live without…

  • Open routing - to more than on destination
  • Channel routing of inserts on surround tracks - so I can use multiple 2 channel plugins routed to L/R, C/LFE, Ls/Rs

And does Cubase allow import/export of OMFs? I think the Nuendo capabilities in this space are broader…?

It handles OMF import/export, but not AAF, AES31, Open TL, EDL, CSV MARKERS, … No DTS module…can’t convert tracks from mono-stereo-multichannel … No network settings…no 9 pin control support…no Post Filter…

There’s a comparison chart at the SB website.

The thing I miss in Cubase is lack of AAF support… relying on OMF alone can’t continue. Hopefully that will become universal as Nuendo builds on it’s more niche , higher end feature set. Love to see some native noise reduction, declipping, … Izotope are even releasing ‘ambience reduction’ processing. Can’t wait to see if that works!

a year? Rather 2-3 months I guess. I think 6.5 will come out in February, give or take one month

nope but I think it would be great if they´d put a nice feature comparison chart on the website for once.

This is what I am looking for and can’t find. Could you share a link please?

AGREE - I really need AAF support in Cubase. OMF is dead and I’m switching to an NLE that does not export them, and I can’t really justify $1700 to switch to Nuendo for the amount of light mixing that I do (why is there no crossgrade price from Cubase?)