N6 Zones with MC Control Question

I get the concept of zones and how they function for screen management (great tool)! However, the MC Control doesn’t seem to intergrate very well with this option.

Example: I’ve got my drums spread out over 10 tracks (Ch. 10 - 27) and my bass tracks are on channels 28 & 29. As I only have 4 faders on the MC, I made a quick zone view that placed my blended bass tracks right next to my blended kick drums on ch. 10 & 11. Now visually, I have channels 10, 11, 28 & 29 right next to each other. But the MC still sees them as 12 tracks apart. So I couldn’t use my controller faders in a tight group as I’d expected.

My only awkward work-around was to physically move the bass tracks into the drum folder (another thing that appears to be invisible to the MC) via the edit window. Now the MC worked like I needed it to and I hit the undo button to move the bass tracks back to their original positions, once I’d made my adjustments.

The Smart AV Tango allows the faders to follow the zones as viewed on the screen. So I assumed the same would be possible with the MC, since it has the supposedly tighter intergration via EUCON. But I couldn’t figure out how to make it work like I wanted. Is this NOT POSSIBLE on the MC? If it is possible, what do I have to adjust to make the faders follow the on screen desk?

Eucon limitation as far as I know.