N7 Crashes after Alt Control Copy function

When I copy a group of clips from their tracks to a new set of tracks by holding down alt and control (To copy them in sync) and then dragging the audio to a new set of tracks above or below their current postition, Nuendo will crash (most of the time) when I release the the mouse button to drop/paste them.

This happens on all 3 of my Nuendo DAW’s. All 3 computers are built a bit differently so I’m not really thinking hardware.

I suspect the problem is plugin related but I was wondering if anyone else ever has this problem?

This was never a problem for me in any version of Nuendo up to and including N6.0.5, but it started happening after that.

Not just alt/copy, but copy & paste in general.

If I use the Eucon commands from my MC Control, the key shortcuts from my X-keys or from the QWERTY keyboard to copy/ paste a RANGE EDIT, N7 crashes the entire computer! I can ONLY USE THE COPY/PASTE FUNCTION DIRECTLY FROM THE EDIT MENU. I know it’s crashed because the cursor turns into the scissor tool and will not go back to the cursor icon. When this happens, I cannot get the “save as” function to work. I can’t activate ANYTHING on the computer by double clicking. Instead, I get the properties folder for whatever it was I selected. All I can do is save the project and re-start the computer. Then it works fine until I forget and try to copy/paste something from any of the direct sources again.

I never had this happen in N6.5

Hi Keyplayer

I have turned off ‘Track Selection follows Event Selection’ and the problem has not occurred for the last couple of days. It is an intermittent problem (well, it happens about 80% of the time) so it’s hard to say if I have fixed it for good or not.

Do you normally have ‘Track Selection follows Event Selection’ turned on?

It was already turned off. I tried a copy paste function seconds ago, just to reply to this post, and N7 crashed the whole computer again. It turned out that the KC on the X-Keys was corrupted. Once I cleaned it out and re-programmed the KCs, all of that drama stopped. So, I guess, that problem is solved. But, between all the plugins I had to replace, that now don’t work as well, the multiple window arrangement that actually gives you less viewing space, the jittery time display, and a host of other annoyances, I’ve decided to go back to N6.5. and wait til they sort all of this stuff out. I’m sick of this crap and I need to just get back to work! :angry:

Well I think I have found the problem. 3 plugin culprits. PSP VU Meters, PSP Triple Meters and Sonoris Mastering Compressor.

Each one of those plugins in a project causes the crash described above. Once removed, no more crashes. Awesome and bummer at the same time, kinda like those plugs. Oh well, plenty more plugs in the sea…

Altiverb 7.2.6 also causes problems.