N7: Cue-inspectors do not pop-up when controlled from Eu-Con

When I’m controlling my projects’ Sends from my Mc Pro, Nuendo’s inspector immediately pops up its “Sends-module”, which gives a great and clear overview of what I’m doing.
The same counts for the Insterts, the EQ, Filters, Routing, but not for my Cue Sends…

I know the Cue Sends are on “page 2” of my Sends-module on the MC Pro so it may be hard for Nuendo to sense that I’m controlling my Cue Sends, but the Cue Sends themselves do react actually, so may I expect Nuendo to display the Cue Sends then please?

May I kindly ask Steinberg to keep an eye on all those small omissions please?
All those new features are really great and welcome, but I prefer a waterproof application which is a joy to use…

And please let me know if I’m doing something wrong?!
Niek/ Ansterdam.