N7 initial Questions


It is so new, and so far feels great ! Thanx Steinberg :smiley:
I’m a tad confused about some of the new additions though, hoping someone can clear them up for me .
Just to start ;
What is the difference between “import audio tracks from a project” and the old "import track archive " ?
Yes, I do know the extra step to create the archive previous to that, but where is the option of the talked about new “import session data” ?

I might be overlooking something obvious, but this function was talked about as one of the PT features introduced.

Any hints ?
Thanx All,

-Import audio tracks from project
-Select project file (of the project of which you want to import stuff
=>this will show you all of the tracks that are within that project.
-Flag what you need
-Import in new project

In other words, you don’t have to open the old project, export tracks, close, re-open new project, import tracks anymore.


nice feature - any plans to do this for midi / instrument / tempo tracks too?

Fredo :

Yes, thanx, I do understand this. And it saves from building an archive, as well now we the option of selecting which tracks we want to bring in.
I was just mentioning that this feature was widely talked about before the N7 release as an equal to PT import session data.
Well, it is not quite that deep.
We don’t have spotting options, SRC and most importantly track data.
Would love to see a “true import session data” feature, with I/O routing, inserts, sends, track color, markers, etc…

I praise Steinberg for all the work that went into building this version however.
Thanx for listening…