N7 is requiring a new Eucon Adaptor?

When N7 started up, it told me that I needed to download some new adaptor from the SB site and then load the latest Eucon Software. But when I went to “My Steinberg Downloads,” I didn’t see anything to download later than 6.5. What do I do now?

BTW, 32bit version of N7 doesn’t see the MC Control at all. There’s no Eucon Device in the Remote Control Sub menu. But the 64bit version saw it on the first initiation and gave me the message about updating. So, why didn’t I get that same message with the 32bit version? :question:

Could any of the Artist Series Controller users weigh in on this?

Artist Mix working as expected here. I only use 64 bit. No update notification for me. Upgraded from N6.5.40 without changing Eucon version.

Hope that helps.

Which version of Eucon are you using?

I just updated a very stable Eucon 3.13 to 3.2 and now Eucon ONLY WORKS WITH 64bit versions of Nuendo 6.5 or 7! All of my customization on the MC still works with 6.5. But it reverts to the default settings for N7. :open_mouth:

So, if all of my customized presets are still showing in 64bit N6.5, Does that mean that I have to re-program, from scatch, all of those commands into N7? :confused:

you can go into the MC control, copy the xml file called Nuendo6.5 and rename it Nuendo7, all your customization will be there for N7.

As for 32 bit, I also don’t see Eucon connection. There is no Eucon option in Nuendo options

Thanks. That worked BUT all of my track colors are washed out to this dull gray color. What’s that about? All of the soft key colors are just as rich and vibrant as before. It is ONLY the track colors seem to be effected. Did you notice this on yours?

Why did we lose the option to work with our Artist Series hardware with the 32bit version of Nuendo 7?

Why are you still on the 32bit version of Nuendo!?

For the same reason that I still use N4 on occasion, it has things in it that I still use.

Expect problems then.

I understand what you’re saying. But that doesn’t seem reasonable to me. SB didn’t say we’re making this awesome DAW that ONLY WORKS ON A 64bit PLATFORM. They offered it in both 32bit and 64bit options. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect both versions to work!

What does the 32bit platform have to do with seeing the attached hardware, especially considering that that very platform saw and worked with said hardware from N4 to N6.5?! As recent as Saturday, my 32bit N6.5/MC Control system worked just fine and now the MC doesn’t exist?!!? That doesn’t make any sense to me. If I should expect problems now, then I suggest that SB should have said “We are no longer supporting the 32bit platform” and given people the option to decide if they want to continue given those circumstances.

Case in point: They decided to only support Quicktime at the release of N5 and didn’t tell a soul! One of their biggest features was that you could bring in video from any platform and work with it. They didn’t even take it out of the manual! It was only when people started asking WHY their WMF and AVI files stopped being seen that they announced the change! So, I keep N4 on the PC for just those occasions when I get an AVI file. I think it’s absurd that I should have to lose my Controller because of this 32bit issue. Nor am I sure that I will lose it until someone from SB explains WHY we can’t use Artist Series gear with the 32bit version.

The artist series controllers are owned by AVID and EuControl (needed to talk to them) is now 64bit only - times change. To be honest I’m surprised Nuendo 7 even has a 32bit version. I still don’t understand why you aren’t using the 64bit version nor can I fathom why you’re keeping Nuendo 4 around for AVI files (AVI is just a container, it’s the underlying codec you might be having issues with).

Well that would explain it. Thanks for the insight. I wasn’t using 64bit because I didn’t want to lose a lot of plug-ins that were restricted to 32bit. I had modified my workflow accordingly to conserve resources in order to do that. But with the steady improvement and increased number of SB plugs and all of my UA plugs already being 64bit, I won’t find it too painful to just move on. The last 2 projects I did were in 64bit. I did want an explanation for why Eucon didn’t show up at all in my 32bit version. Now I have it. Thanks again. :wink: