N7 melodyne 4 editor crashes ! known issue ?

in a studio i work with N7, just upgraded melodyne to version4, seems it crashes N7 and freezes the computer, i think mostly when dealing with the scale editor in melodyne.
(its a win7 32 bit system )
has anyone experienced that too ?

No, but for what it’s worth it doesn’t crash in cubase 8.5.15.

Well… We use N7 there.))

So maybe it can be of some use having the knowledge that it doesn’t crash under C8.5, but I guess not for you.

If it’s a 32bit system then you’ve probably reached a memory limit which is causing the crashes. If it’s a complete computer freeze then that sounds typical of a hardware problem.

might be a hardware problem, today it was ok during work, until i exit N7,than N7 was unresponsive , but the computer didn’t freeze. so if it’s not a common/known problem with N7 and Melodyne 4, guess the issue is with the computer in that studio.
Glad to hear C8.5 is fine with it. i personally use C8.5 in my own project studio and might use melodyne there too

Pretty stable here. Did not encounter a single crash yet.

We still use N6 and N6.5 and since I upgraded Melodyne to V4 I have had several unexplained crashes while using Melodyne Editor as an insert.

Win-7, 32bit, 4Gb Ram

I have not yet noticed a repeatable pattern of what tools or processes cause the crashes, just that I am actively working in Melodyne when it crashes.


Sounds like a memory issue with your system too if you’re on 32bit Windows with 32 bit Nuendo.

Not sure if this helps, but I had a similar problem with Melodyne v3 on iLok. This used to crash Nuendo 7 and Protools 12. I got in touch with Melodyne support and they advised a potential memory issue with my iLok version and advised I transfer to their challenge/response validation. Since then I had no problems with v3 and subsequently no problems with v4.


Can you try to see if you have the option choosing between vst2 and vst3, if so try the vst2 version to see if this one also give problems.