N7 Mixer "Always On Top"??

This seems to be missing. Did it get moved somewhere?


Hello umfufu,

with the new windows handling, the AOT feature of the Mixer got removed, since now the MixConsole is not dependent of other windows. You can still set plugins to be Always on Top (of the MixConsole for example).

Hope this helps!




6 months on, any updates from the devs/management/product marketing, Luis…?

Ugh, yes. The new mixer behavior is really a pain. Will need to change my whole way of working.

Any update if it should be possible to add this back? I’m also unclear why it had to go away on the Mac side. It seemed like most of the new “window” improvements was on the Windows PC side.


Hi Puma,

nothing new yet, unfortunately (otherwise I would have let you know :wink: ). The good news is that it is not a “no” either, so we can keep hoping :slight_smile:

All the best