N7 not playing nice with Melodyne

In every iteration of Nuendo, since I’ve had Melodyne (I’m guessing N4?), I could make any pitch corrections I need to a track and then export that track with Melodyne engaged to get a print of it with the melodyne correction.

For some reason, I’m getting a gap of silence right where the melodyne correction kicks in. Can anyone explain why this is happening and how I correct it? :question:


Anyone else using Melodyne?

Here using 32bit mode with Melodyne Bridge runs well. I’ll try with Melodyne plug-in in 64bit mode.

Thanks. I’ll be really interested to see what happens. I’m running 64bit now and this is the first time I’ve noticed an issue with it.

I’ve been working today with N7 64bit and Melodyne plug-in without any issues. All runs well.

Try toggling ASIO-Guard and see if anything changes.

What do you mean by toggle; change the Audio Prioity to boost, change the Guard Level to high, or turn it off?

This doesn’t make ANY SENSE! The only way I seem to be able to print a Melodyne edit is to actually re-record it to another track! At first I thought it might be that you couldn’t punch in a melodyne edit spot. IE: I recorded one section of the track and then I recorded another section at an earlier spot. Even though I punched out before the section with the first melodyne edit occurred, I had this gap. So I thought the second recording erased the first.

When I re-recorded the track, that worked but turned out to be a major PITA because I had to completely de-construct the original track (remove panning, eq, fx etc.) just to get the print, because melodyne had recorded all of that channel’s settings and, now when it was spliced into the original track, it doubled the FX on that one section.

So, I tried a very simple export of the stero out that this guitar track was playing through. I posted the screen shot so that you can see the export settings and see the results in the project window.
Melodyne N7 EXPORT GAP.jpg
On the right side you can see the tracks in the project window. A. STEEL GTR (in green) is the original track playing through the melodyne edit. A. STEEL GUITAR M…NE (in gray) directly below it shows the gap right where the edit took place.

They SHOULD MATCH. The bottom track should show all of the combined information from the original guitar track as a print out of stereo out 6. So, that section should esseentially look like a clone of the above track (which it does right up to that at measure 86.3!). Instead, there’s this hole. What’s going on?

I sent off an email to Celemony to see if they could figure this out. Hopefully they’ll have an answer. None of you are having any trouble PRINTING your Melodyne Edits?

Have not tried yet, did you actually try turning ASIO guard off just for Melodyne? I noticed that Altiverb does not like it. .

No, I haven’t. But I will as soon as I get back to the studio. Why would the ASIO guard affect it?

Okay, I just tried it with ASIO guard turned off. It made no difference. I also tried it with the Multi Processor turned off and my track became all static filled! :open_mouth: So, I turned that back on immediately! I do not understand why I can’t export this edit!