N7 update VCAs

I haven’t taken the plunge into N7 (first time I’ve delayed upgrading) because I’ve been waiting for the VCA implementation to be solid. So what is the verdict with this update? Have the bugs been removed and is it functional now?

Check the release notes to see if issues of concern have been fixed.


Is it just me or did this just get worse!!:!?!?!??!?


1. Create Audio Track.

2. Set (global) automation to “Touch”, and write simple automation. Write from zero to say -20dBFS, hold a little, then release.

3. Set automation to “Touch” AND “Trim”, and write again. This time write trim from zero (no boost/cut) to minus infinity.

At this point all should work as expected. If you deselect “Trim” the curve should be shown “post-trim”. You can toggle back and forth between “undo” and “redo” to see that it makes logical sense.
4. Select “undo” to undo the last trim pass. Select “Touch” and “Trim” again.
5. Create VCA track. Select the Audio track as source.
6. Write automation to the audio track as in step #3.

Watch the level JUMP to maximum even though you went from zero gain to minus infinity!


Seems to be another issue that if you write automation to a track connected to a VCA which has automation that exists AFTER, then on punch out automation nodes are created on the slave track for every point automation exists on the VCA. I’d avoid them if you intend on automating.

I hope it gets solid on the next update. I would love to upgrade. VCAs are reason for this one for me.



thanks for letting us know. We will look into this immediately.


You can check with Guillermo N who has confirmed it, along with several users. Very perplexed as to how your beta team could completely miss it.

Again: When is you next update due? Surely waiting months and months for this to work correctly can’t be acceptable?

And here’s the other, new problem with your VCAs:

  1. Create a VCA track
  2. Write automation on the VCA track at a point further down the timeline
  3. Create an audio track connected to the VCA
  4. Write automation on the audio track before the automation on the VCA track
  5. Punch out automation write on the audio track

The result here is that from the last automation node on the audio track to the first automation node (later in the timeline) created by the VCA automation, there is a straight line.

So what is going on with VCAs with the new update? I’m surprised no one has posted on it yet.


Yep, surprising indeed. It was such a big deal for some…
Probably taken by surprise.

Yes, it was a surprise.

I don’t yet know if it works, but I’ve decided to keep the faith, take the plunge and update to N7 today, so I’ll soon find out.

Happy whatsit.

Lol :slight_smile: Some of us maybe enjoying the holidays for a change!! :mrgreen:

Holiday Shmoliday!

But seriously, I am hoping everyone here is having a good holiday.


So, anyone try it yet?

Using 7.0.35, i couldn’t replicate any of the problems mentioned in this thread.

I like what the VCAs can do that the Groups can’t do.

This is my first play with the VCAs and I’m not sure if I’m following your points 1-6 correctly. Should I be writing from the same start point each time or from where I stopped on the previous pass?

Just newbie stupidity.

Do we know if ‘mute’ on the VCA channel has now been implemented (e.g. no longer greyed out)? Be good to know if all the updated functions are now working as expected. :slight_smile:

Still no mutes on VCA faders and trim not feature complete either.

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Quite right, the Mute button does not work on VCAs,

Surely we should be permitted to mute an entire VCA group from time to time.

If we can mute a Group group why not a VCA group?