N7 with MOTU Audio Express: No Direct monitoring?

I am using a MOTU Audio Express soundcard with Nuendo 7. I want to use the Direct Monitoring feature but this function is greyed out in the devices window. Why is that? Anybody else using a MOTU card with Direct monitoring?
Direct Monitoring.png


Your sound card doesn’t support direct monitoring.

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Ah! Thanks

Is there a list of hardware divides that do support direct monitoring for Mac?
I thought that in the Mac environment that was not posible period.


I do know that the MOTU Audio Expressdoes have options for direct monitoring, by using its own software mixer called “CueMix”. It enables you to set up cue mixes for every output, independent of your DAW, so that is how I am using it right now. But I had hoped that it would be possible to have the direct monitoring funcionality directly from within Nuendo.