N8.2: Click Sounds Missing & Flux Presets Missing

What am I doing wrong when I just installed the Nuendo 8.2 update and I’m experiencing the following 2 issues regarding missing content?

  1. When I select a preset in Metronome Setup/ Click Sounds/ Click Sound Presets, the Sound row in the Sound/ Level table returns all the sound files are missing…When I hoover over a sounds’-file name (e.g. “Missing:Clave A 1 Hi”) Nuendo shows a pop-up window showing the audio files’ file-location (e.g. “/Applications/ Nuendo8.app/Contents/Click Samples/Clave A 1 Hi.wav”. When I open my Finder though, and search in Applications/ Nuendo8/Contents, by means of right-clicking on Nuendo 8’s icon and selecting: Show Package Contents, there is no Click Samples-folder !!!
  2. When starting Nuendo 8.2, I got the following window about missing content for FLUX:

What am I doing wrong?
Niek/ Amsterdam

getting the same error

Same here

Same here.

missing vst3 preset license here as well.



getting the same error



Does this mean you guys are experiencing both issues? Or only the “missing-vst3-preset-license-issue”?

VST3 presets for Flux error here too.
If I open 8.1 instead, same error.
I’ve trashed prefs and no way.

Please how to solve?

Dolfo, sorry I can’t solve your (our) issue.
Another question: you seem to be working on a Mac, can you make your Metronome Setup/ Click Sounds/ Click Sound Presets actually work?
Does it play “claves” etc? Please refer to my issues in the Original Post, above.
Thanks for letting me know.

Niek/ Amsterdam

Same issue. Click sounds missed.

Waiting for N8.2.1 now… :wink:

Hello Niek,

I have started a new topic regarding the license issue with the new Flux synth. You can read it here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=275&t=138021

As for the missing click sounds, the actual location of the sounds is this one: /Applications/Nuendo 8.app/Contents/presets/Click Sound Sets.

Could you please check if you have the sounds installed there? Is anyone else having this same issue?

All the best,

Thanks again Luis,

the actual location of the sounds is this one: /Applications/Nuendo 8.app/Contents/presets/Click Sound Sets.

At this location, there is XML-files only…no WAV’s unfortunately…

Is anyone else having this same issue?

DOLFO (above) seems to have similar issues…

Thanks, Niek.

same here, no click sounds as well. just the xmls

It seems a MAC issue?

xml’s only at “Click Sound Sets” location here too.

Hi there,

I just got confirmation from one of our engineers that the Click Samples folder is indeed missing on OSX. We are currently looking for a quick solution. I will have more information for you tomorrow.

It seems that merging two developing branches (Cubase and Nuendo) wasn’t as easy and smooth as we thought. I am very sorry about this!

All the best,

Thanks for diving into this.
I am “happy” to know it’s not an issue on solely my system,and it seems that these 2 issues as described above are taken care of soon?

Thanks, Niek

Sice it does not break old functionality (we can still use the standard click) it‘s not a big issue imho.