N8.2: How to stretch automation?

Nuendo 8.2’s online-manual says:
Automation/ Editing Automation Events/ Automation Event Editor;

If you click on the lower border of the editor, you can stretch the automation curve horizontally. This allows you to move the event values of the curve to the left or to the right.

…but I can’t seem to get this to work.
The manual says that there should appear a “smart control” in the automation curve. Indeed all of the ‘smart controls" appear in my projects’ automation curves, except for the “Stretch function”…What am I doing wrong?

Niek/ Amsterdam

Make sure snap isn’t enabled if trying to stretch on a smaller selection or use ctrl modifier to disable snap.

Thanks, twelvetwelve, I followed your instructions, but I can’t make it work unfortunately…
I took an audio file, created some volume automation, took the range selector (automation Write = on) and did exactly the same as you did in your video, but the “Smart Control” for “Stretch” simply didn’t appear…

Is this another Mac-issue maybe? Are you on Windows or are you on Mac?

Windows 10 here.

I’ll ask Luis Dongo (Steinberg) to take a look into this.

Did you select the automation points with the object selection tool (NOT range selection) ? You have to select a group of automation points first and then you’ll get the handles to stretch the automation curve.

Thanks stingray,
unfortunately, I can’t check your suggestion yet; I’ve decided to roll back to N8.1 after the crashes on my MacBook Pro, the annoying missing-metronome- and VST3-library-pop ups on both of my rigs, and my 2 most recent projects becoming corrupted all of a sudden in N8.2…

…but when 8.2.1 is there, I’ll certainly check your suggestion!
So; thanks!

Niek/ Amsterdam.