N8.2 Video engine disappearance!

Hey gang,

Installing 8.2 makes the entire video engine functionality completely disappear.
Nuendo 8.2 cant see my BM Intensity pro. Have latest driver Blackmagic_Desktop_Video_Macintosh_10.6.7
Opening file with video already in project reveals error
Attempting to import video file reveals error
attempting to drag video file to timeline reveals error.
Have uninstalled, deleted prefs, clean reinstalled, no dice

And as I reported earlier, no longer can use my BM DeckLink MiniMon 4k despite re-install of the drivers etc. https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=275&t=138568&sid=f644602b552e89d6a2f89c0a32f10fe9

Crossing my fingers for 8.2.1!!!

Copied whole system to a 2nd fully functional test system disk.
Removed Nuendo and Blackmagic products including all prefs folders. Rebooted.
Reinstalled Blackmagic and Nuendo.
No video functionality.

Here BM Mini Monitor works fine in 8.2 with Pro Res Proxy picture. But yes, its not the 4k version. Just 1080p.