N8.3.20 Whaaaat is this now? [Solved]

Just installed N8.3.20 and now, when a project first opens, there is a narrow vertical row of waveform graphics and an additional (inactive) vertical scrollbar to the right of the active vertical scrollbar on the right edge of the Project window.

It looks to me like the way the Project would be initially drawn before the waveforms are re-drawn in accordance with the Track heights.

If the right edge of the Project window is moved slightly to the left the problem goes away.

Seems like something is not being cleared properly.

None of these issues here

Sorry Chris, I’ve never seen that. john

I’ve checked this again today and the glitch is still there.

It never happens in N7.1.40 and I never noticed it in earlier versions of N8.

It is always there since installing N8.3.20

If I can work out the correct file format to use I’ll post a video showing the problem.

(create an animated gif using ScreenToGif)

For what it’s worth, I opened a bunch of old projects in 8.3.20 and am not seeing this graphic anomaly either.

Are you using a custom workspace or anything? Or have you tried backing up and trashing your preferences to see if it makes any difference?

Problem solved.

This only happened with N8.3.20 - I noticed that Windows Scaling was set to 125% although no scaling was actually happening. After setting scaling back to 100% and then re-selecting 125% the glitch went away. I guess something to do with a recent upgrade from W7 to W10.

Thank you Gentlemen.