N8 Ambisonics? - still need Reaper

Disappointed to find N8 is still ignoring the need for a bus dedicated to HOA production so still having to turn to Reaper. I raised the question of possible VR audio production features for N8 some time back and Timo suggested that:

Be sure we do our best to develop technology for VR, besides our focus on game audio, TV and film post-production and ADR workflows…integrating Ambisonics as a format is still the very beginning of what can be called a workflow. We will start with that and more things will be coming.

When are we getting open ended bussing? and how come Reaper is still the go to solution as a VR Daw when N8 is pitched as “representing the most advanced audio post-production software environment available today”?

When this topic was brought up last year, it seemed through the course of the thread that some people representing Steinberg on the forum were quite dim on the idea. I have received indications elsewhere from SB people that they are interested in it.

See this thread as the example of last year’s snapshot on VR Audio in possibly being in Nuendo’s development process:

Well fast forward another year and if you are paying attention you will see that 360 immersive video and audio are not fading from view as hype. Tech is developing with plugins, Sennheiser has come out with it’s Ambeo product, Rode has bought Soundfield, VR devices are still appearing and no one is saying it is vapourware, Apple has publically stated that it is going head first into AI tech and they rarely pre-announce intentions with new tech. 360 VR software is being developed all over the place in high end video editing suites that appeal to the big players like Assimilate’s Scratch VR, Audio Ease has come out with sophisticated convo reverb environment plugins to deal with locating sound in immersive environments, IRCAM Flux has reoriented SPAT to become a tool for immersive VR audio and WAVES is moving in this direction as well with their NX technology. A couple of videos on convo reverb tools in 360 VR videos. The interesting stuff from a mixing point of view comes in the later half of the first video:

In the next video, a 360 VR one, if you fast forward to 2:04 you will hear former President Obama talking in the Oval Office and the audio is done placing it in a 360 space. You have to view this in Chrome, I believe. If you haven’t viewed a 360 VR video, try rotating the video image to get the 3D audio effect by clicking and dragging the image. This is a very simple use of VR audio but illustrates use in 360 immersive video.

This stuff is not going away. Virtually everyone in the civilized world has a device in their pocket that is capable of displaying this content. Binaural mixing tools are fast making their way into the marketplace. If you look in the right places the evidence is there this is in the process of taking off.

Steinberg, here is a way to differentiate yourself from other products on the market in a significant way. I really thought you got this last year when you were developing Nuendo 8. Hoping this is one of the big things you plan to drop in the coming months as part of the roll out of Nuendo 8’s new functionality.

This stuff is not going away. Virtually everyone in the civilized world has a device in their pocket that is capable of displaying this content.

you only need to cast an eye on the Spatial Audio in VR/AR/MR Facebook forum to see evidence of the growing interest in ambisonics, people who hadn’t even heard of this technology a year ago are all over it now, they are genuinely interested and excited by the possibilities.