N8 Mac Mojave - Plugins being rescanned every time

The Plug-ins are being rescanned, slowly, every time I open Nuendo. Is this a known issue with Mojave N8.3? Scanning for me is literally taking 13 minutes on a new MacBook Pro i9. Trying to track down this issue as I still have a bunch of plugins to install.

If I watch the Preferences folder, plist files are being made for whatever is being scanned, but then is thrown out as It is completed. Normal?

Anyway, just looking to see if this is my system or a known issue, or if Steinberg needs to be made aware of it.


I have this happening on my older MacBook Pro running High Sierra. Was just looking for some answers, myself. So… I guess it’s not just your system. Would love to know how to get around it. In my case, it only happens upon system restarts. I can quit Nuendo and fire it up again no problem, but if the computer’s been off for a while, it starts the whole scanning routine all over again. It’s a pain, and I feel your pain. I hope there’s somebody out there who might have an idea why this is happening, and even better, a solution.


Thanks for chiming in.
I wonder if it’s some permissions issue with the user preferences folder? Was debating weather I try to change that or not…

Here is how I fixed it, but unfortunately does not provide information as to what the issue actually was. I tried a few things but really am not entirely certain what the correct directories for the prefs etc. look like, so nothing worked. I suspect it was a permissions issue of some kind.

using the app “Find Any File” I searched out any file or folder that had Nuendo or Steinberg in the name and trashed it. Everything. Invisible files, logs, preferences etc. everything. The only exceptions were for files within the Eucon directory, or the Dolby directory which I left in place.

Empty trash, reboot.

Install Nuendo 8 but this time when it asks if I want to get a current update I say no. Install 8.0.

Launch 8.0 which runs a Fresh scan of all plug-ins.

Create a temp session with a couple dummy tracks. save it. Quit Nuendo.

Relaunch Nuendo and it opens as expected, does not rescan plug-ins.

Now I download the 8.3 update. Run that and relaunch Nuendo. It will rescan only the updated Steinberg plugs and that’s it. Opens quickly.

Problem Fixed. Back to work.