I just spent 3 hours programming a song map in N8.2.10. I LITERALLY was moving the cursor over to the Save As section, when Nuendo just blinked off of the screen!!! :open_mouth: :confused: :open_mouth: :astonished: I have NEVER seen this type of crash!

There was no power surge or interruption (that I could see) of any kind. I didn’t accidentally hit any buttons on the keyboard. It just literally blinked off of the screen WHILE IN USE! And since it did this before I could save it, I LOST all of that work!! What the hell?!!? :angry: :angry: :angry:

Has anybody else had this happen to them?

On Windows? Never.

Shocked the hell out of me! I’ve never seen this before. Has this kind of thing happened on a Mac?

Seems hard drive related maybe. Very odd, never happened here. Even this weird occasional crashes still leave the session files. Do a check disk scan see if you have bad clusters on your harddrive. Plus always make sure you have auto backup on, even without naming a session, after 3 hours it should have saved something. Best of luck. scary though of course. I have a hard time believing this is a Nuendo issue.

I’ve seen it on a Mac with Pro Tools, but never Nuendo on Windows.

I had something like this happen…once. I was working on an iMac, with a portable drive attached to a Thunderbolt port. Worked for several hours (with autosave-- no notice of any trouble there), and when saving, the whole thing went poof, and all was lost.

Incensed, dismayed and frustrated, I did some online research and learned that particular generation of iMac had issues with losing drive connections over Thunderbolt.

I’ve used Thunderbolt consistently on my laptop with no issue, and have never had a repeat of the problem on any computer. Of course, I never trusted Thunderbolt again on that particular machine.

Based on my experience, I would check my hard drive or drive port…


What am I supposed to check? That drive is internal. What should I be looking for? Should I just replace it and copy all the previous projects over to it?

Fortunately, as I was working with a bunch of “modules.” So it only took me a fraction of the time to rebuild my lost work, hitting the save button ever 30 seconds or so. There was no other strangeness afterwards.

I had a helluva time transferring videos from my Galaxy 8+ phone over the weekend. It caused numerous crashes. I don’t know why. You plug it in and the PC sees it as just another drive, at least that’s how it should work. But the PC kept picking some files to go in and then saying it couldn’t see the very next file in line. Then it saw, it copied it and then wouldn’t play it. A 15 minute transfer took 45 to get all of the files to successfully migrate. Even though these went to a different drive, I’m assuming that the vanishing anomaly is some leftover fragment from the crashes.

But not knowing WHY it crashed in the first place makes it all the more difficult to trouble shoot. If there’s some known issue with these kinds of transfers, how can I archive this kind of data SAFELY?

First thing I’d do: Make sure everything is backed up. Next: make sure everything is backed up. Next: run some sort of disk diagnostics on the HD. Not a PC guy, so don’t know what to recommend there.

Good luck!

1 & 2 are covered! :laughing: I did a defrag of all the drives and a system check. Everything passed. So, I’m guessing/hoping it was just some leftover corruption hiccup from the crashes over the weekend.

I definitely recommend creating a project name and saving as soon as you instantiate a new project. I also save incrementally as standard procedure. All of this is a result of beginning my music/computer adventures with an Atari St and floppy disks in 1987 but it’s a practice I have maintained ever since and it has served me very well over these years. I also have autosave set for 5 minutes. That’s the most time I can lose even in the worst case scenario.