N8 vs N10 .. and CPU Performances + audio drop-outs

Same project with many files audio N8 vs N10 → N10 is more demanding … ans have some forgotten audio files on “live playing” (but not on export).

What do you mean by “forgotten” ?

  • they don’t play at all ?
  • you have audio drop-outs ?


Many audio drops out

Did you check your buffer size? It seems pretty obvious but I had the same problem and for some reason N10 was using a shorter buffer size than N8. Once I set the same buffer size on both the performance was identical.

I checked all options possible (buffer size 4096) … and compared N8 vs N10 on same projects ….

Also checked other settings like asio guard?

YEs, exactly the same configuration than N8 … !

I was wondering about that.