Nagging Latecy with Plug-in


Can anyone be kind enough to explain to me these most naggings questions, please?

  1. I am using Cubase 6 Elements with a plug-in called SwarGrove for Indian accompaniment. When I click “sync to host” SwarGrove shows the start time a little ahead of Cubase time. I understand Cubase uses buffer before it can stream the groves but that causes noticeable delay in beats. After lowering the the buffer to the minimum in the soundcard I have managed to reduce the latecy but it is still not hundred percent acurate.

  2. Also, I’ve set the start-position in Cubase a bit before the plug-in’s time. The latecy depends upon the tempo - the faster the tempo, the more buffer Cubase needs. I’ve tried to set the start time of the track by subtracting the latency time from the the start-position of track so that by the time the track reaches position 1:1:1 the Grove has already been buffered. Is this a correct approach? Moreover, the minutes calculation is setting the start-position is just baffling - they are in decimals. :confused:

  3. When I using the plug-ins and the data is not coming through the soundcard. Then why do I have to alter Soudcard’s buffer settings? Is there buffer settings within Cubase?

Any help will definately deserve high appreciation !

Are you using an ASIO driver?

There are buffer settings within Cubase.

Thanks for your reply,

Yes I am using ASIO driver. How can I change Cubase buffer settings.

One more thing, how can I route the VST to send output to Cubase rather than to the soundCard? To my understanding the configuration is like this:

VST>>>Soundcard-IN port>>>>Cubase>>>Soundcard-OUT, this is the reason for the latency, can I do it like this:


You shouldn’t be messing with the settings you have listed at all. It sounds like your plugin is not reporting its latency to Cubase correctly. Cubase automatically aligns plugins so that they all say in synch with the project. I would go to the plugin site and ask the question. Setting buffers and manually adjusting Cubase start position will give you headaches as you add more plugs and/or try recording or using loops/samples.