Name Conflicts Issue - Bouncing Stems on Large Projects

When I bounce out the stems for large projects, I often run into the problem of having multiple tracks with the same name. If I have two or more crash tracks, for instance, they might be both/all named “crash”. And if I add another crash track, I don’t want to have to go around the project and count how many other crash tracks I have so I can name the track “crash… 5” or something. It would completely ruin my creativity and workflow.

So it’s really hard to bounce out stems or just figure out where the name conflicts are at the end of a 100-200 stem project. Can you please allow Cubase to automatically iterate/rename tracks with duplicate names? Or if not, could you at least add a feature that will highlight or show you where the name conflicts are???

Hi, OxygenBeats

I agree it would be cool to have Track naming conflict highlighted in Cubase.

However there are options to avoid it happening, If you look at the Export Audio Mix-down, Options Panel there is a option of how too deal with name conflicts and a button to press to set your own custom naming scheme, where you can for example can have have the track number added to the track name. Or have a counter added which would solve the issue.

Personally I think there could be more option in here, folders, groups, included inserts and send names could all serve a purpose!

Page 969 in the Operation Manual, will also help.


Thanks, I’m aware of those options, though I have to admit I keep forgetting about that. On some bounces I want to keep the stem names as simple as possible so I disable the track numbers in the naming. Sometimes I do this and I forget that I have that disabled, so thanks for reminding me about that! haha

However, I think it could still be better. I’m also aware that you can also have cubase add an iteration to file name conflicts, but that only works for files that already exist. It would be great for cubase to iterate names for stems and only for stems that come into direct name conflict.