Name contains in PLE won't filter audio output tracks VSTi


I have problems with the PLE. This topic was disapproved from the issue forum, so I have to presume this is by design. But that wouldn’t make sense. Can somebody confirm if this issue is by design or a bug?

It seems to me that I can’t filter audio output tracks from multi-output VSTi’s. For example: Load in an empty project Groove Agent and activate all it’s outputs. Also create some MIDI tracks for it. For PLE script: see attached foto (screenshot not possible :laughing: ).

The filter works on ‘contains MIDI’, but doesn’t work on ‘contains Out’.
See the youtube link:

Please some assistance.



This is not a bug, it works as expected.

These additional Output Channels of Instrument tracks behave as an Automation tracks, in fact. If you open the Visibility of the Project window, you also cannot show/hide these Audio Return Channels here, in the Project window. Therefore you cannot show/hide them via PLE too.

Hi Martin,

For that reason I specificly use Rack Instruments. Rack Instruments do have seperate tracks in the arrangement window. I can show/hide them all at once when I filter on Track Folder instead of Tracks. The problem then is that this will not be synchronized with the mixer window.

What wonders me is that Track Instruments do have individual show/hide buttons for Visibility in the Arrange- and Mixer Window. But it’s not possible to filter them with PLE. Add up the unusability of Visibility presets (new tracks are added to all Visibility presets(!)).

So far the only option is to manualy search tracks (in large projects) and show/hide them.




Audio Returns of Instrument track don’t have the Visibility blob in the Project window (you call Arranger), only in the MixConsole.

Btw, for the Instrument Rack, you can Sync Project window Visibility with the MixConsole Visibility.

I see… Still don’t get it why PLE won’t let you filter Audio Returns from Rack Instruments… With Track Visibility Configurations also unusable (new tracks get added to all Configurations :astonished: ) I can’t find a usable Visibility workflow… It only seems to work if you have a template and never add any instruments, midi tracks or Audio Returns.


Because there is no real track for the Instrument Return Channel. There is automation sub-track only.

Perhaps what we need is a new feature - the MLE - the Mixer Logical Editor. Operating on the mixer rather than the project :question: :question:


I understand. But from a creative/functional point of view this makes no sense. It looks like a track, it does the same as all other tracks. But hey, you can’t work with it like the other type of tracks.

Or: Hey you could do all kind of fancy things with PLE, but not when you use multi-output instruments. Ergo, you don’t use multi-output instruments or you don’t use PLE. Seems half baked to me… sorry…

All I’m looking for is manageability of large amount of tracks. If PLE can’t do it, MLE seems like a good plan