Name events

Sorry I keep saying this but… please let me rename any event the name i want - unique name - that no other event has

or… put a little note 3 or 4 words actually on event

like “bright” “sad”


being able to see the audio currently playing faded in the midi editor/ key editor would be nice

so you can select to see it… the a wave (selected audio) behind the midi data so the notes are over the top… faded wave behind


But you can rename events any way you like. You just need to select it and change its name in the Info Line. Is this what you’re looking for?

Wow youre the first person who’s showed me that…

I’m pretty sure you didnt used to be able to?

Some one showed me how and when I tried it just named all the events the same name…

But hey I’ll check this out


That is true for audio events that were sliced from a bigger single audio event, I believe. You can always bounce individual events and then give them a unique name.

I will check out and see I suspect that either they have changed it, or you are right

What you are doing is not exactly how i remember it being, so I think they may have changed it