"name field" in cd tab window


In the cd-tab, there is the “cd text”-field, thats what comes up on a car stereo for example.
But there is also a field called just “name”, what is that parameter and where does it show up? Does the audio file I am working with get renamed on my harddrive if I change text in that field?

cd tab name field.jpg


The CD Track name(s) can be the song name if you like
the CD Track name(s) can be the CD-Text name if you like

  1. First Song
  2. Second Song
  3. Third Song

with the CD-Text dialog

  1. First Song
  2. Second Song
  3. Third Song

CD Track names will show only if you use CD-Text
but if you use ISRC code for every CD Track then this
info will show in CD database like GraceNote, Free DB e.t.c


read about the CDrfaq in general


hope it helps

regards S-EH

Hmm I am sorry i dont understand :S


Try with the WaveLab 9.pdf

regards S-EH

The only info in the manual about that field is this;


Shows the track name. To change the name, double-click in the corresponding cell, and enter a new value."


I think the real question is does the “Name” field that you show in the CD-Tab have any correlation to anything else, or is this just for internal WaveLab use.

I’ve actually never noticed it until now. I just rely on CD Track Maker names and CD-Text track names. This other “Name” field doesn’t seem to have a lot of real-world use. I’ve ignored it for over 5 years now!

The names in the CD tab are also the CD track start/splice marker names. If you change in one tab, it should change in the other tab. Make a change and go back and forth between the CD tab and Marker tab to verify that.

Ah, this is what I thought would happen but I was pretty sure I tried and tested it and that’s wasn’t what happened. Now that I go back and try again, this is indeed what happens. I think 99.9% of the time the “Name” and CD-Text would be the same but I’m sure there are special use cases.