name of part(s) in a combined part

In a normal part (player) the name of the instrument is shown in the left upper corner. How can I make Dorico show the name of the 2 or more instruments in a combined part?

In my experience, it does. Parts use the Layout Name. So if it’s not what you want, edit the Layout Name to whatever you want it to be.

It would be nice to have the option of listing the instruments on separate lines, as it can get very unwieldy with more than 2 instruments. You end up with instrument names stretching across the page visually competing with the title.

Upper left of part:

Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Suspended Cymbal, Cowbell


Snare Drum
Bass Drum
Suspended Cymbal

I usually end up doing this manually.

I did some testing. If you edit the Master Page to use {@playerlist@} rather than {@layoutname@} and allow for multiple lines, you can achieve the same effect.

Beautiful idea! I only considered that token for the first Title page of the Full Score.

Regarding multiple lines for Instrument names:

“and allow for multiple lines” – how to tell Dorico this?

Craig F - can you explain your technique? When I try this on a percussion kit, it doesn’t seem to work. I get the name of the Layout (i.e. Percussion 2) and not the individual instruments. And if I try a regular combined part (for example Flute/Oboe), I get “Flute & Oboe” all on one line. I have a feeling that using {@playerList@} in a Score layout puts the part names on separate lines as in a list, but doing so in a Part layout places the names in one long line. Is there a way to tell Dorico to put {@playerList@} as separate line items in a part (or for that matter for any text frame)??

Yeah, it won’t work for a Drum Kit because the Player Name doesn’t show the individual instruments as you say. So I tried some things and found that you can embed newline characters in the LayoutName between each instrument. You can cut and paste one from a text editor.

What I did for the other way was…
Create a new part and included two instruments.
Edit the Master Page for Parts to make the text box deeper and changed token to {@playerlist@}

The Part looks like this…