Name or rename a marker quickly via shortcut ?

:question: Someone has something to name or rename a marker quickly via a keyboard shortcut?

There is no Keyboard shortcut for renamimg markers. But if you have any system of renaming, you can use Project Logical Editor.

I’m sending screenshot. This function search all markers with “1” string in the name, and replace it by “one” string. This is just example, of course, you can use it much more creatively.
Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 16.54.23.png

This is not what need me, because I have to name them quickly (I renames each in the table of markers…), but you make me think of an additional use for logic editor. It is a great tool.

I see that you teach Cubase: then you can answer this question (nobody responds: it should not be in the spirit of Cubase):
“I need help. Is it in Cubase 7, a library for midi files like audio files? If I want to keep a midi file in its entirety before the change, what do I do? I know that I can export, but there is certainly something faster and easier to manage. In Pro Tools, each modification of midi file creates another file named automatically, but in Cubase, I do not know.”

Thank you in advance.

I would like to help you, but I’m not sure, I 100% understand, what exactly do you mean.

Once you import the MIDI file, this file keeps always the same. Cubase changes it on its own format - Cubase Project: *.cpr. The MIDI file doesn’t change.

You can change the original MIDI file only one way: export the Cubase project as MIDI file, and set exactly the same name - overwrite it.

So you have the original MIDI file until you overwrite it by export.

If you are not talking about importing of MIDI file, and you want to just leave a MIDI file (ie all MIDI data of your project) as back up… No, there is no rhis MIDI library, there is no diferent way, you have to export it.

But I can’t see any reason for this. You can save your original - recorded file - as cpr. And almost all MIDI editing is non-destructive, so you can get the original data very easily.

Is it what do you mean? If not, I’m very sorry, for my English, could you explain it diferent, or more, please?

Thank you for your indulgence.

You understand, Martin, and thank you. English is not my first language either (I am French Canadian).

Pro Tools produces a new midi file for each change. Cubase does not.

Non destructive? Not sure.

  1. I produce a midi file in Cubase (a few steps to the piano, for example).
    2.I save the project.
    3.I modify the file.

Where is the original ? Pro Tools keeps. No need to export, it is automatic.

I understand that Cubase does not do this. It is a weakness, especially for specialized software in the Midi.


I tried to check it, how does it work in Pro Tools. Yes, this is different, and it looks very useful. Unfortunately, there is no similar way in Cubase. There is no the original MIDI part, which you can use, as it is in Pro Tools. You have to export it, or move into your own backup folder, if you want to save it.

It is quite curious, these gaps in Cubase. It’s like the problem of not seeing the markers (or tempo track!) in keyeditor. After all these years of use, hundreds of thousands of users … However, Cubase is very good, overal, for midi edition (and even audio editing, finally, I think).Thank you for your help.

Agree. I miss Markers in the Key Editor a LOT!

Yes this too has boggled me, though not the thread post, I too wonder why there isn’t original MIDI regions you can go back to. You have to just keep them on an archive track if you want to get back to them and use the project page as sort of a MIDI pool since the Pool nor the browser will remember MIDI regions that existed in the project once deleted from the project page.