Name / Rename parts on a Midi Track

My first post here and very new to Cubase.
Can omeone please tell me how I rename a part on a midi / instrument track? Currently Cubase seems to name them all the same as the actual track and I want to give parts a different name.


Hi and welcome,

Show the Info Line of the Project window. To do so, open Set up Window Layout (the 2nd button on the toolbar or Shift+F2), and enable Info Line. Once this is visible, you can select the MIDI event, and rename it in the Info Line.

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Thank you - I will give that a go tonight - much appreciated!

Very helpful tip, Martin. Cubase has so many features that can lay buried and unknown beneath the surface even for longtime users.

that was a long time ago , but it still helped me a lot today
thanks dude

Works as advertised! Thanks and Props! :+1: