Name track sections; expand color palette

Hello Cubase users
Can anyone pls tell me if there is a way to

–name the individual sections of a track. (Not just the track, but individual verses and takes.
–get more track colors than the dozen or so available in Cubase 10.

In Cubase 9 there was an option to make your own track colors from a color palette. This suited me really fine. I like to paint my strings in different shades of brown and my brass in different shades of yellow, my keyboards in purple, my woodwind in blues. I had saved these as program defaults. Suddenly, I’m reduced to this small palette. If there is no way round this, then Cubase 10 looks like a step backward.

Also, I was using Cubase years 20 ago, and back then I’m sure it was easy to name different sections of MIDI just by clicking on them. Now I can’t find any way to do it. Is this another step backward?
Has anyone got any idea?

If you want to name song sections you could use a Marker Track with Cycle Markers showing those names.

To rename a MIDI Part, select the Part and change the name on the Info Line. It’s been like this forever.

You can have a maximum of 128 colors (32 base colors X 4 tints). Change this in Project>Project Colors Setup.

Hello Raino
That’s very helpful. Thanks a lot.