Name VST Instruments in rack

Off the top of my head I can count four widely used ‘container’ VSTi’s (in that the instruments you use are loaded inside the plugin) - Kontakt, UVI Workstation, Play, Omnisphere - and there are no doubt many more. Even multiple instances of Halion might contain different instruments.

Unless anyone can correct me, there is no way of renaming VSTi’s in the instrument rack to reflect what it is actually loaded inside them. When there are multiple instances of ‘container’ VSTi’s loaded, this makes it frustratingly difficult to see what each instance is doing, and difficult to route a MIDI track to the correct instrument without hunting round or making reference notes.

This is what the instrument rack looks like in the project I am currently working on:

An option to rename the meaningless ‘Konkt516t’ to ‘Kt Woodwinds’, ‘Kt Percussion’, ‘Pianos’ etc - especially with lots of instances open - would be really useful, save a lot of time, and seem a basic requirement. I know this issue has been brought up in the forums since 2012, but still hasn’t been addressed AFAIK.

Have you tried double-clicking on the name and editing it?

it works fine to me