Names in track lanes

Good evening, newbie here. Just a small question. Would it be possible in a future update to either get rid of the names of instruments in track lanes, or have them comply with the instrument name if you decide to change it at a later date?


Yes, would be great to have the instrument name reflect the current choice, even after changing it from the original choice.

(Edit) For me, meaning on the left track list column, not necessarily the track lanes/clips.

Hi Wyvern,
That first photo was wrong, sorry.
It is easy to change the track names, I have put some info on the photo.


Hello fixit, thanks for your reply. I was thinking along the lines of not having to change the names of each individual group if you change the instrument for a particular track.

changing the names of the track sections as in the photo is useful if you use prog change messages throughout that track. Normal the track will have the instrument name that you selected, but changing the instrument will not change the name .
Hope this helps :+1:

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Hi all,

Cubasis allows to freely rename tracks and events (see example pics below).

01 Track Renaming Example

02 Event Renaming Example